MyTopAgents Sales Idea


As a valued agent with MyTopAgents, we strive to do everything we can to provide you with the tools necessary to help make you successful in your insurance sales, from Long Term Care to Life to Disability Income and beyond.


In addition to the direct support we provide, we work closely with others who (1) offer special tools we feel may be of significant help to you and your practice and (2) have agreed to provide their support tools to our affiliated agents on a DISCOUNTED BASIS because of your affiliation with us.


Please review the following Sales Idea, and take advantage of the special discount made available through our relationship. Please keep in mind that your involvement is completely voluntary and that you should seek out approval (compliance or otherwise) as necessary from your own organization as to the use of any of their respective materials or offerings.


The Senior Guardian


The Senior Guardian is a unique monthly information newsletter specially created for adults, seniors and their families. It is a proven marketing tool that allows professionals  to optimize their constant contact with clients, prospects, organizations, and others in their business area. The newsletter contains timely adult, senior and family articles regarding: long-term care, estate planning, financial planning, annuities, retirement, medicare, supplements, health and wellness, enjoying life and more.


Each month professionals who are subscribers receive all four newsletter formats: Handout, Mailer, Emailer, and Weblink; which we think of as 'The Fearsome Foursome' since the power of all four can optimize your sales and marketing plans and distribution strategy.


The Senior Guardian newsletters are: professionally crafted with high-quality graphics and color photos; are fully personalized for each professional; are viewed as coming from you as your new client service; and are very cost-effectively priced.


For a closer look at this unique professional sales and marketing tool and for the special MyTopAgents incentive discount information click here.