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We are constantly updating our list of companies to fit your clients needs. If you know of any companies you'd like to see us work with, contact Marty at 1-800-288-6170 ext 3.

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September 2011, Genworth's Colony Term UL will offer more competitive pricing across face amounts greater than $250,000 in all states (except NY).

June 2011 West Coast Life will implement additional changes to our underwriting guidelines effective June 27, 2011. Go here to review the revised underwriting guidelines.

The A.M. Best Company is making confident leaps forward in producing innovative online presentations that explore key issues. These content-rich events connect you with leaders in the industry and provide the opportunity to learn first-hand about the trends and developments facing insurance today. Register for upcoming Webcasts.

Do you have current Chase/Zurich Life policy holders that need to make changes to their policy? 
Have them complete this Policy Service Change Form and fax it to our office at (703) 691-1244. You can also call Life Services toll free at 1-800-321-9313 for any inforce policy questions.


We work with disability insurance companies on a case by case basis. Illinois Mutual is our primary carrier but we use other companies as the situation arises.




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