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    Remember Renewals? Your client's greatest unprotected risk meets the last great commission. Long-Term Care Insurance is retirement security.

    We work with a number of companies to provide your clients with Long Term Care options.

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    The VSA has been described as an interactive library, but it is much more than that. It is truly a very knowledgeable assistant that can put virtually everything you need to operate a financial practice at your fingertips. Your Assistant is available to you on any computer, anywhere in the world and is on call 24/7/365.
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Underwriting Challenge

Our monthly sales idea will now highlight underwriting challenges in the industry. Each month we will highlight a new case study. Dialogue is a newsletter authored by Legal & General America’s medical directors. Every issue focuses on a specific medical condition that affects risk evaluation.  As the life insurance advisors to our potential customers, being better informed means being able to give better advice. This month's issue focuses on Diabetes. Click on the July Underwriting Challenge above, to learn more on how Banner underwrites Cancer history.

Industry News

January 2013, Banner New Rules & Practices for UL Illustrations Read more here

July 2012, Genworth re-tools their build charts to offer some of the best rateclasses in the industry. In some cases, there is 25lbs difference than competitors.

  • Cholesterol: New Levels! Super Preferred: Total cholesterol 220 or less, HDL ratio 5.0 (with or without treatment); Preferred: Total cholesterol 240 or less, HDL ratio 5.5; and Select: Total cholesterol 260 or less, HDL ratio 60
    Previous guideline: Super Preferred: Total cholesterol 200 or less, HDL 5.0 or less; Preferred: Total cholesterol 230 or less, HDL 5.0 or less; Select: Total cholesterol 250 or less, HDL 6.0 or less
  • Family History: Gender specific cancer: Applicants will not be penalized for a family history of gender specific cancer if they are of the opposite sex. Guideline could be applied, for example, to a female applicant whose father was diagnosed with prostate cancer prior to age 60. The female applicant may now qualify for Super Preferred rates.
    Previous guideline: Gender specific cancers were considered when applicant was of the opposite sex.


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Susan Shanton  has over 20 years in life insurance sales and service for clients and agents. As an agent and General Agent for several life insurance companies, she has maintained long-term working relationships with these agents.  She has kept the agents alerted to developments in the insurance industry so that they are aware of opportunities to improve their insurance careers.  Susan Shanton is licensed to sell life insurance in most states.

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